Bookmarks on Software technologies, Computing systems and technologies, Tools and systems, User interface issues, Computer typography, Internet services, etc.    
Bookmarks on Computing
    Literaturhinweise Informatik
A list of recommended books with comments.
Computer Science Literature
Little Typeface Primer

Overview of historic development of typeface styles, with many examples. To motivate awareness of typographic text design.

    Kleine Schriftstilkunde

‹bersicht der Entwicklung der Schriftstile, mit vielen Beispielen. Zur Motivation bewusster Schriftgestaltung.

Mined is a stable light-weight text editor with a modern user-friendly interface, many convenient capabilities, and extensive Unicode and CJK support.
Runs in plain text mode terminals. Provides mouse control and menus. Runs on Linux/Unix and DOS/Windows platforms.
MinEd Text Editor
Mintty is the Cygwin Terminal.    
The Cygwin Terminal: mintty