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Gesellschaft für Informatik - Willkommen
Don Knuth's Home Page
IEEE Computer Society E-Account
IEEE Computer Society E-Mail Alias
Advice on Research and Writing (CMU)
Chaos Computer Club
Datenschutz (HU Berlin, Juristen)
div. bookmarks
Resources: Extensive Java and NIE project related Links
Unified Computer Science TR Index (Indiana)
Kataloge der Fachbibliotheken
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Lehmanns Online Bookshop
Amazon Buchladen Shopping Cart (User Interface Design) A Glance: Advanced Programming Language Design - Query Results
Flat Hill Books - Programming Language Books
Prentice Hall
SRC Research Reports
The WWW Virtual Library - Computing
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
ParaScope - A Listing of Parallel Computing Sites
Condor High Throughput Computing (Project Homepage)
Publications of Sabine Wittevrongel: queing...
Internet Parallel Computing Archive
comp.parallel archive
Working with OMT - Part IV: Model Integration
Environmental Software & Services - Project Ecosim
Demonstrator client-server architecture
DSS and Model Integration
Model Integration: Lobby Entrance
JGOFS at IfM Kiel
JGOFS-AG "Daten und Modelle"
Official GRASS GIS Web Site
Software Engineering Information Repositories
About the Coding Style
Sun: A Coding Style Guide for Java WorkShop and Java Studio Programming
CASE (Simon Stobart, Sunderland)

Prinzipien, Theorie

Let's Build a Compiler
Patterns Home Page


Cetus - Links on Objects and Components
Cetus Links: 6282 Links on Object-Orientation / Languages
Cetus Links: 6282 Links on Object-Orientation / Languages: Overview
Object-Oriented Information Sources
Index to Object-Oriented Information Sources
OO Type Theory
Grundlagen der Objektorientierung
Castagna: Abstracts
Object Techology (OO Group Staffordshire)
ILU - "Inter-Language Unification" (multi-language object interface system)
Object-Orientation FAQ
SIGS publications
Object Mentor's Favorite Books

Programmierung, Sprachen

Sprachen allgemein, Übersichten und Vergleiche
Resources for Programming Language Research
Programming Language and Compiler Bibliographies
Programming Language and Compiler Conferences
Programming Language and Compiler Bibliographies
lambda Programming Language Research (Mark Leone)
Programming Language Critiques (John McClain)
Programming Language Critiques (Steven D. Majewski)
Skeletal Parallelism Homepage
parallele Sprachen
  • Parallel Programming Laboratory (Illinois)
    Converse: multi-paradigm interoperability ...
    The SR Programming Language
    Concurrent Programming for OS Using the SR Language
    OO + parallele Sprachen
    Object-Oriented Parallel Programming (a summary of research)
    pSather home page
    An Invitation to Eiffel: Introduction to the object-oriented language of choice
    OO Sprachen
    Workshops on Foundations of OO Languages
    The Object-Oriented Page # Languages
    Sather home page
    The Blue Page - Teaching Object Oriented Programming
    FTP Directory:
    The Gustave Library Home Page - a resource for Eiffel users
    Fridi's Eiffel Page (Compiler für Sun Sparc)
    FTP Directory: SmallEiffel
    Sather home page
    The Eiffel Page (Cardiff)
    Interactive Software Engineering
    Prospero Extended Pascal Windows Kit
    ? Rita Loogen: Eden (Vortrag)
    Ada Extensions: a software engineering perspective (1994)
    Ada Home: The Web Site for Ada
    Ada95 Lovelace Tutorial - Outline of Lesson 7
    Lovelace Ada Tutor Home Page
    CHILL - the International Standard Language
    CHIPSY - CHILL Integrated Programming System
    Python Language Home Page
    Modula-3 home page
    SRC Modula-3 home page
    Cecil/Vortex Project (OO Language/Washington, compiler infrastructure)
    Rainer Fischbach: Java - Kalter Kaffee
    Doug Lea: Concurrent Programming in Java: Design principles and patterns - book online supplement
    Overview of package util.concurrent Release 1.2.2
    Draft Java Coding Standard
    Echidna - A free multiprocess system in Java
    Homepage of David Holmes (Concurrency and Java)
    JavaParty - A Distributed Companion to Java
    Chris Laffra's Home Page (Java etc.)
    Java for Linux (Blackdown)
    The Java Tutorial


    Text Editor Compendium (v2.04)
    Die schönsten Dialogboxen
    Arizona Computer Science: Sumatra Project (mobile code)
    The Oxford BSP Toolset and Profiling system (version 0.6beta)
    "X. End of story." (X-Windows)
    EntireX DCOM für Linux
    DCOM Architecture
    Happy Hacking Keyboard

    Software, Systeme

    Homepage of Thomas E. Dickey (xterm)
    Welcome to Be, Inc.
    The LyX Homepage

    Verteilte Systeme

    Verteilte Objektsysteme
    COM vs. CORBA
    OMG Technical Library
    Praktikum Verteilte Objektsysteme
    Message Passing
    MPI Message Passing Interface
    The Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard
    PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) home page
    JavaPVM: The Java to PVM interface
    PVM for Windows, Tutorial, parallel file system
    PVM-ATM Release Note
    LPVM - experimental Lightweight process PVM
    The p4 parallel programming system
    LAM (local area multicomputer) MPI programming environment
    orbix (IONA)

    Software und Treiber

    Christian Rossi Home Page: FrameMaker, Fonts
    RealTime Collaborative Groupware for JAAS

    PC-Software und Treiber, Computerkram

    The Netscape Unofficial FAQ
    IrfanView Graphics Viewer
    NONAGS Graphics Tools - 32bit
    SANE (Linux scanner driver) Home Page
    The Netscape Unofficial FAQ
    NewsX news exchange software
    SMTP client and server code
    ZED editor
    The JuJu Home Page
    OS Boot Select (OS-BS) - Boot Manager
    BootPart (für Windows NT Bootmenü)


    The Linux Documentation Project: Homepage
    General Graphics Interface: GGI Project Homepage
    TrueType for XFree86 Mini-Howto
    Linux FAT32 Support
    LJ: Linux as a Proxy Server
    DN - Re: ungewollter Verbindungsaufbau
    Wine (Win Emu): Related Projects
    The Linux HOWTO Index: HOWTO Index
    libkb (low-level keyboard library DOS/Linux)
    MSWordView, Word 8 converter for unix
    catdoc Word-Viewer


    The RFC HyperText Archive at SunSITE, DK
    Wotsit's File Format Collection
    Technical Resources: Intel-Hex-Format, S-Record-Format
    the Clipart Directory
    Schaltungsdienst Lange o.H.G.

    Internet, Web-Technik

    The Web Standards Project
    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)


    HTML 4.0 Specification
    HTML, the complete guide (TU Berlin)
    Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support
    Creating Web Pages; A Beginner's Guide to HTML
    Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial
    SELFHTML aktuell
    What's Wrong With FONT?
    WebMaker: KDE HTML editor


    Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language
    The Home Page - SGML & XML


    The Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design
    General Design


    JavaScript Guide
    ECMA-262: ECMAScript
    Simple applets
    Thomas Erlebach: Java-Applets
    World Wide Web Client Software products
    RFC 2069: Digest Access Authentication

    web server, servlets, DB interfaces

    Die Wiege der Servlets (ix online)
    Understanding Java Servlets (
    Using Java servlets for basic form handling
    Servlets: A Technical Discussion
    Zip files and Servlets
    Java Web Server 1.1 - Introduction to Servlets
    Servlet Registry
    Inside the Java Web Server
    Java-Apache Project
    servlet servers
    SUN Java Web Server
    JRun: Live Software, Inc.

    Internet, Inhalt

    Looking for an open NNTP server
    Public News Server
    Public News Servers sorted by Group Count
    Reserve Your Name Now!
    Two Letter Country Codes
    Computer and Communication Entry Page

    Netzwerke, Technik

    Sangoma TCP/IP and IPX routing Tutorial
    Netwerker Glossar: Alphabetische Übersicht


    S0-Bus für ISDN
    Kerstin Bett: Internet-Zugang (muc)
    ISDN for LINUX
    isdn4linux Homepage

    Network Management

    PlexView (SNMP) Network Management Application
    Event Correlation
    Event Monitoring and Alarming
    The MOSES Whitepapers (Massive Open Systems Environment Standard)


    Organisationen, Adressen
    GMD TechnoPark
    MHPCC ( general, jobs, photo tour)